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When 8 'r's just doesn't cover it.
Naturally accompanied by shifty, evil eyes. Or when arguing with the dog over the last beef jerky.
Psycho: I shall rule the world
Jesus: I shall stop you!
Psycho: grrrrrrrrr (squints eyes and stares, dramatic music plays in background)

Dog: Woof Woof
Cat: grrrrrrrrr
(Dog scatters)
by Kid Nock January 12, 2006

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Adverb: describes the speed at which something is done.

noun: quick, to do something as speed

Person A: Lets do something
Person B: how about we say random words?
Person A: sure, you go first
Person B: ermm... radiator
Person A: sunshine
Person B: quickly
Person A: No mate.... you lose
by Kid Nock January 21, 2006

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An excersise that tones and strengthens the users core abdominal muscles. You lie down on your front supported from touching the floor by your forearms, your feet assume the position they would if you were doing press-ups (push-ups US) You must then remain in the position, without allowing your body to sag for as long as possible.

As this is a timed excersise it is often used as a competition between people - whoever can do it for the longest time wins! Anything above 3 minutes is good, 6 minutes excellent.
Joe: I love Jayne!
Tom: Me too, we must battle to the death for her heart
Joe: I too, wish to win the heart of Jayne, but death would not be adequate for her heart... We must perform... THE PLANK!!
Tom: Lets do this!
by Kid Nock January 20, 2006

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Over pronounciation of Innit mate Used when strongly agreeing with what is said. Positve body action are often used to emphasise one's similar opinion.

It originated when innit mate just didn't express the feeling.
Daryl: You know Jayne?
Joe: Yeah?
Daryl: She's perfect
Joe: IN TIT MATE! (Begins imitating sex with cusion)

Tom: I think i have discovered the meaning of life!
Rob: Yeah but, wouldn't you rather order pizza?
Tom: In tit mate! (flails arms with joy)
by Kid Nock January 10, 2006

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Romanian celebrity whose original name is Josef Nockk. He changed it to appeal better to an American audience in 1989. He has starred in 11 films altogther with 3 of them being roles with a spoken part. The highest grossing film he made an appearance in was Gladiator, in 2001 he moved back to Romania and changed his name back to Josef Nockk as he felt his acting career was over. He now enjoys a simplier life in his town near Bucharest working on his family's farm with his brothers Dazzel, Thommas and Robort.
Josef Nockk is a Romanian actor who moved to America to expand his career, he was never truely successful

Joe Nock is great!
by Kid Nock January 23, 2006

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Often used by females as a response to seeing something 'grose' A high pitched tone is preferably used.

Do not confuse with Ooeer An unwitty response to a put-down

However Ooeeeer has been used as a way for 'popular girls' to fend off 'unpopular boys'
Man: Hey baby, wonnna see Mr. Biiiiig?
Woman: Sure, how bad can it b- Ooeeeer!
Man: Don't worry baby, its not as bad as this dead frog i found
Woman: Ooeeeer! (Sleeps with dead frog)

Example B

Unpopular boy: (Sniff snort snort) Will you go (snort) out with me Kimber?
Popular Girl: Ooeeeer!
Unpopular boy: I thought so... (sucks on inhaler)

by Kid Nock January 10, 2006

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A term used when no other response can be conjured. Often after a great pause that only furthers to degrade one's intellect.

Often confused with Ooeeeer (containing more than 2 letter 'e's) Which is a girl's response to seeing a dead frog.... or male scrot sack.

Person A: Your mom is fat
Tramp: .........(thinks).....Ooeer!!

Person A: Thus proving i invented gravity
Tramp: On the contrary my dear Person A, I have proven you did not
Person A:....... Ooeer!!
by Kid Nock January 10, 2006

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