Someone who is captivating and creative spirit. Knows how to use words into having people give him what he wants. Has a dark mind but soft heart. Usually has poor decision making. Someone who is very sensitive and needs a lot of love. Someone who you're drawn to for life for reasons you don't know. They might come into your mind from time to time and hard to forget. They are fun to be around and terrible singers (when making fun of a song). They are tatooed of their favorite bands and logos. Writing and music is an extreme passion for them. They like rap music and are freaksof nature if you let them. They like to stay up late and party at rock concerts. They are always looking for happiness but always seem to be stuck on one person.
Josef, I can't believe you said that!
by freestylewritereatsownwords January 31, 2019
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Boy with a massive cock especially in tight blue jeans. Just... dreamy boii.
By looking at his cock I can tell his name is Josef.
by Eva Křenková+Josef K. April 12, 2020
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A king, god, he like to be a killer but also has a good heart, he sticks with his brothers and don't switch on them
Josef is king
by Josef21 December 24, 2016
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Josef is usually the guy who puts on the “bad boy” act but deep down he has a big heart. He’s the type of guy who will break your heart, but at the same time he’s breaking his own heart. Josef is the guy who writes you love letters. But don’t let some of his “bad guy” acts fool you, inside he’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.
You’re lucky to have fallen in love with Josef.
by Thatgirl01200587 August 3, 2018
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Normally a blonde young boy with extreme skills, not someone you would want to anger at all. Normally hangs around with another boy who’s intelligence is threw the roof!
Shit bro I think Josef isn’t here today”

Nah bro, Josef is a god. He will come soon”
by Aljar_xaa May 27, 2019
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