a "bromance date" when two male subjects go on a date....no homo of course.
yo marci and i went on a brate last night to the mall we went shopping!
by bromance101 January 15, 2010
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Brate is an interjection, created by combining the terms bro and mate together. It can be used as a substitute for either, making it a very versatile word. The term has recently gained mainstream traction following its use by celebrities on social media.
John Doe: Bro, I don't believe you.
Jane Doe: Mate, neither do I.
Bisher: Brates, I have proof of "coinage"...
by BisherDoee June 01, 2018
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An abbreviation of it will be alright used as a way to look on the bright side of things (UK)
Everyone is going to die... brate!
Oh no! I'm going to get a D on this paper... brate, worse things could happen
by Kid Nock January 05, 2006
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