People named Kimber are very hot people who tend to do things just for fun. They try to live life to the fullest and can be a bit loud at times, but they are usually very fun to be around. They tend to be outgoing, but can sometimes say things that are a bit... extra.
"Kimber is a good friend."
by Cvmeater January 30, 2022
The world's largest manufacturer of 1911 pistols, as well as rifles, shotguns, and much more. Kimber makes some of the best guns on the market; they set the benchmark firearm quality and dependability. They are safe, powerful, accurate, and fast! Kimbers are extremely well-made and therefore a little on the expensive side.
Marines, Special Forces, and LAPD all use Kimbers.

There is no better pistol to have in you hand than a Kimber.
by OneBadAsp October 29, 2006
Kind,funny,and very lovable!

trust me she is a great girl that could change your life

She is hottttt! and is a very caring person

by heyyiloveyou April 12, 2009
Me, I am a kimber. A bad ass. Named after the bad ass gun brand. Small Town, Murica. America, f*ck yeah.
Yo! That kimber chick is such a patriot!
by demoqueen43k May 30, 2019
She may be 17 but she’s smarter then Albert. When you in the middle of the woods she’ll keep the campfire going and always has the warmest blankets. Very sweet, positive, and fun person to be around.
Curt the fire is almost out where’s kimber?”
Kimber is 2 years but way smarter”
by Landonator May 8, 2021
A nice person who cares about everyone.a little bit of a head case some time. Mormon. Very smart at sports medicine
by Swimmer man 11111 October 19, 2015