Yes Jack Link's Teriyaki beef jerky makes me cream in my pants.
by J 0 K A November 15, 2005
The best snak on eart dont eat this your being a dick... litterally
(me) Yo john want some beef jerky
(john) no i like peperoni sticks
(me) you dick
by Subtochaoticcoops November 29, 2022
A delicious dried, smokey beef snack. Quite possibly the manliest food known to man. Don't be fooled by those pussy beef stick imposters. You can see the "grain" of the beef in real jerky.
Frank: "Hey John, you want some of this beef jerky?"

John: "No thanks."

Frank: "Pussy."
by Guestly December 31, 2011
When you receive a handjob that causes you to ejaculate, see {turkey jerky}
"I didn't get a BJ, but I got some nice beef jerky
by The Midget December 21, 2004
An ultimately great dried meat snack for awesomely-delicious taste!
Guy 1: Hey you want some Beef Jerky

by Mrtacoman November 25, 2011
The action of jerking off without and lube, hence the dryness of the meat
Yeah, I went beef jerky the other day and got friction burn on my dick
by Sikey1312 March 7, 2018