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It means you do not love something/someone. A computer programmer's joke.
I !<3 you.


I'll also program a breakup into code. (GML. It is similar to C++)...

var girl
var guy
var truelove

//Yes this had to do with my life :'(
//0 means doesn't love
//1 means is in love

//how it started out:

//how it ended out:

//notice how guy is still 1 ... :(

//and this is always checking for any changes::

if (girl=1 and guy=1) then truelove=1;
else if (girl!=1 or guy!=1) then truelove=0;


Also, this is taken from Veggie's definition for !...

In the programming world, this means NOT. It is mostly used in boolean expressions, mostly found in if statements, to express the non-equality of something.

It can be used with an '=' sign like this: 3 != 4, meaning 3 does not equal 4. This is a true expression, and so the expression would return TRUE. However, if I put: ((6-3) != (5-2)) I'm basically saying 6-3 is not equal to 5-2, or 3 does not equal 3. But 3 DOES equal 3. So this expression would return false.

NOTE: != is pronounced as "Does Not Equal"
by Keael October 30, 2007

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The name of the new Nintendo system being released later this year. Used to be called the Revolution. This system will revolutionise the gaming industry a wii bit.
Me and my girlfriend played with my Wii all night.
by Keael April 29, 2006

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What you say when you see the new look of Urban Dictionary for the first time.
*types urbandictionary.com*


*searches for "Woah" and makes a new definition for it in honor of the new Urban Dictionary look*
by Keael July 27, 2005

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Guy : Let's watch NOES!
Girl: Ok, but then I won't have sex with you.
Girl: Just kidding! I'm your sister!
Guy: Ok.
by Keael January 10, 2006

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