A person who gets mad easily or is constantly mad
I was talking to my bestfriend and my boyfriend got all hot headed about it
by mindRight July 6, 2009
someone who loses their temper easily
Be careful what you tell Phil because he could be hot headed sometimes.
by Gerard Irick December 14, 2009
When a girl sucks your dick after eating something spicy.
My dick burnt after that bitch gave me hot head.
by yung soldado November 13, 2014
1. getting so much attention you let it get to your head and you become full of yourself.

2. letting people give you attention so much that you become accustomed to it
Ever since shes been going out with Josh, she's been on that hot head status.

When she got her extensions in, she became a big ass hot head!

Shawday cute but she a hot head
by james172839 January 8, 2011
Too bait or wild around police.To obvious around proper authorities.Doing anysort of crime infront of people or cameras when you could get caught for doing it.Too motivated by anger to stay on point.
"This man stole the thing right infront of these people, hes a fucking hot head"

"These guys were starting to fight right infront of the police station, what hot heads"

"This guy was so angry he punched the man and the police were standing right there, fucking hot heads these days"
by d e e p z August 21, 2011
Hot heads are Middle aged Caucasian men who try too hard to be cool and hip. They will follow the current trends. These men act like nice guy ass kissers towards all women but get very jealous of young good looking Caucasian men. Hotheads are always trying to impose authority on people and they always try to prove themselves. They generally drive with rage. They are similar to a meat head.
The hot head lost his temper when he saw his ex-girlfriend with a young guy at a club.
by gart3667 October 8, 2006
The female puts hot sauce on her lips and gives a burning blowjob
I gave jane a donkey punch and she gave me a hot head as payback
by Anthony sepulveda March 1, 2008