31 definitions by Kain

To be bored shitless and doing nothing at all.
Being lazy.
Person #1 - "So what're you doin today?"
Person #2 - "Nothin... just jackalacking around the house."
by Kain December 11, 2003
The Dragon (Satan), the Beast (the Antichrist), and the Prophet. Just as false as the Christian trinity/god, but much cooler.
The Diabolical Trinity believes in sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll. Can I hear a hallelujah motherfucker?
by Kain November 27, 2004
Wrestler in Total Nonstop Action who calls himself the Alpha Male; see cokehead.
by Kain February 15, 2005
Brutal mass murderer. Disturbed as a child, he was chosen to be inflicted with the Curse of Thorn, which focused his rage on his family and made him invincible. He has murdered scores of people, but is catatonic between Halloweens in which the Thorn constellation is present.
Michael Myers as a character was blemished by having his ass kicked by Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection.
by Kain October 17, 2004
To vigorously stimulate one's genitalia to result in ejaculate.
HF likes to pull on his erect penis until he emits a gooey, white substance over his abdomen
by Kain June 24, 2003