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Wrestler in Total Nonstop Action who calls himself the Alpha Male; see cokehead.
by Kain February 15, 2005

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An overly obese person.

A person with a large amount of fat on their body.
"Oh my gosh Michelle, you're larger than life! You're such a chunkadunk!"
by Kain July 01, 2004

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Formerly known as the Dudley Boyz. After being told not to use the Dudley name due to WWE's trademark, Bubba Ray and D-Von created this new name. After wrestling on the independent wrestling scene for a couple months, the two signed a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. They soon after debuted on the October 1st episode of TNA iMPACT! as Brother Ray and Brother Devon, Team 3D.
Team 3D may be a sucky name, but they're still the Dudley Boyz at heart.
by Kain October 01, 2005

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Stable in Total Nonstop Action consisting of Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash.
The KoW wish to take over TNA.
by Kain December 05, 2004

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1. To be made aware.
2. To recognize.
f00, you bessa reck-o-nawz that HF stands for "Happy Fapper".
by Kain July 18, 2003

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adj. Of great importance or high status.

n. Something that brings great joy.
teh aniem are teh tasty.

teh b00bies are teh tasty.
by Kain June 24, 2003

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See n00b.
"Omg, what a n00btron."
"You're the biggest n00btron I've ever met."
by Kain December 10, 2003

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