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Hallelujah means to praise God. It is considered the highest praise by some Chistians, and litterally means "Let us praise God".

Hallelujah is also sometimes considered halleluyah, because thats how its pronounced, and because God's names are "Jahova" or short form "Jah", or "Yahwah", or a short form "Yah", which composes the ending of the word.
by bulletz March 01, 2006
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Used to express joy, praise and thanks.
Man 1: Hey man, I just got a raise at work!
Man 2: Hallelujah dude!
by Intrama February 01, 2004
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Hallelujah is the Greek mode of spelling the Hebrew words, which are translated "Praise Ye Jehovah." Notice Hallelu"jah" ends with Jah. Jah is a shortened form of Jehovah.

Most people have no idea that when they say Hallelujah they are actually saying "Praise Jehovah," the name for the Hebrew, Muslim, Christian God. Hallelujah appears in the Christian Greek scriptures and is a good example that first-century Christians used the divine name.
Hallelujah ——because our Lord God, the Almighty, has begun to reign!
by coupedehill September 22, 2009
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1. Interjection used by obnoxious "Christians" to give the impressions that they really weren't asleep throughout the service.
1. As the hymn started, the preacher's wife awoke saying, "Hallelujah," just before she nodded off again.
by HeRe October 01, 2005
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An exclamation of relief when a change that was obvious in coming finally completed.
P: "Mitch and Joe got together."
S: "Hallelujah! Saw that one coming a mile away."
by placebo69a January 15, 2016
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It's supposed to literally mean "Praise the Lord" which is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. It's like saying "Let's pet the dog" or "Let's bake that cake." Actually, the only thing that sounds stupider than Hallelujah is "Come let us adore him".
Two guys went to heaven and started screaming "Hallelujah".
God walked up to them and said, "Ok. Go on, praise me then." The guys started...

Guy1: God, you're so cool
Guy2: God, you're so amazingly funny.
Guy1: Yeah. I love your sense of humor.
Guy2: Not to mention how nice you look.
Guy1: Like really man. What a crazyass haircut.
Guy2: I wish I was like you, God.
Guy1&Guy2: (Sigh)

God: That's so sweet! Thanks guys.
by Lateralligator April 28, 2010
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