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To have a sleep so deep that one is almost unconscious. A nap.
Pete had a tough day so he's going to have a deadman
by Battyguy July 19, 2013
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When youโ€™ve worked so much to the point where you are dead in either that you are very strained or have turned into a โ€œGodโ€
Iโ€™m a deadman I gotta work for this
by OspreyBeats March 03, 2019
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a phrase you shout when your with a lot of people and while getting out of a seat that you want empty when you come back. this word automatically makes you safe from getting your seat stolen.
(as ricky got out of his seat to grab a drink he shouted): Deadman!
by Rickyyyyy May 23, 2007
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first there was the zombie. The zombie grew weary, and nearly fell to dust. However, new light shone, and he was reincarnated as gravebane. Then the call of eternal slumber was too much for gravebane, but he left behind his knowledge in a being called deadman.

Deadman is the nickname of a person also frequently known as gravebane or gravebanezombie. He frequents eris-free irc network and is very helpful.
I talked to deadman the other day... the Halo party is on saturday night.
by Gravebane June 20, 2004
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A complete moron, who doesn't have a clue unless it involves shrimping some Rupert Grint haired blar arse! When deadman talks it makes you feel like getting a wet trout and slapping it around his chops to make his breath smell better! small deadman are more tolerable. But still annoying!
OMG he's such a deadman!
This deadman makes my brain hurt!
by The God Of The Gods June 08, 2018
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