Took, bought, acquired, got, stole
Xenophon snapped up a copy of How To Talk To A Liberal (if you must) by Ann Coulter at a grocery store, of all places.
by Chromium July 24, 2005
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Coked up beyond reason. Eyes wide open, head tilted back and an expression on the face like going 140mph in a drop top.
Man, I am snapped up.
by Fecalator May 27, 2004
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I am all snapped up and ready to go to that fancy party! (B.L.)
by Carc November 20, 2015
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to subconsciously succumb to the little voice inside one's head that provokes an individual to destroy (either slightly or massively) any form of matter within sight - may be applied to objects, pets, emotions, and mostly pride. Also known as "pulling a matchell, "crossing the safetly line," or "to clumsily obliterate"
We don't need to pay for waste removal anymore... just give everything to matt so he can snap it all up.
by Becky Burnworth September 26, 2005
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To accidentally, inadvertantly, or absent-mindedly destroy or damage an item in your vicinity.
If Matt keeps playing with the headset, he will snap it all up.
by Matthew Mitchell September 16, 2005
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