1. (adjective) - Lacking any significance or a valid point.

2. (adjective) - To have a brain that is completely devoid of common sense and significant thought.

3. (adverb) - To be so self-absorbed that the needs of other people or dependants are never considered before making a decision or taking action.

4. (adverb) - To act in a self-satisfied manner

5. (adverb) - To behave a in a manner that is meaningless
to other people
If she weren't so vacuous, she would listen to our opinions before rushing to judgment.

Your would think that his vacuous mother would care more about his well being than focusing on keeping a great tan.
by Tom Bidel October 12, 2005
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1. A term used to define what is known to man as space.

2. The inside of all Star Wars fans head.
1. Gee Wiz the universe goes on forever, so i guess you could say it's vacuous.

2. I'm a Star Wars fan and I'm vacuous.
by Pedus May 1, 2005
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Vacuous is a term used to describe a person who has void or desire that needs to be filled. This person is looking for something. Often times, he/she might not now what it is, how they will find it, or where it might be. The desire to fill this void is often very strong. Frequently, more than one thing is required. Wanting to fill this void does not make you selfish, or blackhearted, despite what some might say. Being vacuous makes you determined and ambitious.
Albert is vacuous and hopes he knows what he is looking for, even if it scares the shit out of him! He just has to be patient and understanding.
by Legal Dopeman June 25, 2016
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Complete and utter nonsense lacking any thought or sign of intelligence. Commonly associated with ghetto dwellers, CoD players and religious people.
Vacuous bullshit:
Ghetto dweller edition "Man, dju hear dat rap song yestaday? she tight! her is so sexy. I want to aks her out!"
Christian edition "How can atheists refuse God's existence when there's so much evidence! Just look outside! That leaf doesn't look anything like a bacteria, therefore evolution is made up and stupid."
CoD hardened edition "OMGZZ yu gaiz, I just got a double choklit sprinkld 720 fakey ladder stall no scope triple collat. I jizzed evarywhurr."
by a cynical gentleman January 19, 2012
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An inanely stupid person whom intrudes on the privacy or property without permission.
get ur hands off my computer you vacuous
by Weird big nick from IT October 31, 2003
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