Davy Crockett is a descriptive term for the action of taking your drunken/passed out buddys face and burrying it in your exposed crotch. Once head has been burried, you must position your mule and balls on top of their head, whilst ensuring proper draping over the back of the skull. This has a striking resemblence to the coon skinned hat that Davy Crocket wore with his Scouting apparel. This is the most extreme party action that can be performed before you get to the level of insertion and/or date rape.
Victim: Awwwhruphf, I feel like shit what happened last night?

Me: Let me show you on my digital Camera!

Victim: What the F!?

Me: You got the Davy Crockett! Hah!

Victim: Dude, you're an asshole!
by Back Door Moe November 16, 2006
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one of the smallest nuclear missiles ever built, used with a recoilless rifle. created by the US military during the cold war. it didn't have good accuracy but its high radiation made up for this.
the Davy Crockett was used in the popular video game metal gear solid 3: snake eater by a Russian colonel of the GRU called colonel Volgin.
by R Kempinski August 28, 2007
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Similar to the super man, but involves woman who wear wigs. When performing sex in the doggy style, as you begin to cum on her back, you quickly yank her wig off of her and use your cum to stick it to her back, then you yell out "King of the wild frontier!"
Last night I was poundin' this girl from behind, when I was about to cum I pulled back on her pony tail, and the whole damn thing came off in my hand, so I had to davy crockett her ass!
by gonb July 2, 2012
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When you proceed to have anal sex with a man/woman while wearing a coon-skin hat.
Chris Hawkins asked Jonathan Gluckner to have sexual relations with him. Jonathan proceeded to place a coon-skin hat upon his head, then slowly penetrated Chris's asshole, thus doing the Davie Crockett.
by Maximus Wilks July 14, 2009
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The Davy Crockett involves taking a shot of rum and chasing it with A1 steak sauce. Side effects may include wearing coon hats, carrying muskets, and searching for the alamo while drunk in public.
The alchoholic: "We have a full handle of sailor jerry's, lets take some Davy Crocketts!"

Everyone: "Remember the alamo!"
by blackmoongoon July 4, 2010
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So your loving your girl strong getting her wet and really loose, really loose (this is of the utmost importance). As things heat up head south, and instead of munching the rug slip your head into her vagina up to your forehead, like a baseball cap. the spin around so you both have your backs on the bed, table, sink, mother, you know whatever. Then stand up with your new vagina headware and ask politely for her to "drop a load" down your neck, dont work clean up is a breeze! Go look in the mirror you sould have something that looks like the great davy crocket coon skinned hat.
So I was riding this bird and my head got cold so I davy crockett'ed that shit and now I cant get this brown ring off my forehead.
by punkskyw August 18, 2006
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Killing a bear before one's fourth birthday. Comes from the Ballad of Davy Crockett, which states that Davy "kilt him a b'ar bear when he was only three."
"As five-year-old Amos stood over the body of the ferocious grizzly, he knew he would always regret failing the Davy Crockett Challenge"
by SpaceisOverrated December 12, 2014
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