400 definition by Justin

1. Said before departing, a farewell
2. Bye
I'm off to the mall! Tra!
by Justin January 01, 2004

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To take, or steal something.
Hey, I just taxed John's wallet and he didn't even notice!

Man, I was gone for a second and someoned taxed my calculator!
by Justin April 30, 2002

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A hyundai manufactured automobile. A shark.
The tiburon bit sally while she was swimming on the cape. It caused serious injury
by Justin December 16, 2004

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to traverse from bar to bar and become progressively more intoxicated
"On his 21st birthday, John went bar hopping with Joe and was later admitted to the hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning."
by Justin July 31, 2005

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Spanish slang for "damnit," "shit," or "fuck." Heard in scarface dozens of times.
Tony Montana: "Coño...fuck!"
by Justin March 09, 2005

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the single greatest backyard, street, and beach game ever created! ever ever
" yo brian wanna go play wiffle ball"
" fuckin yea lets go... Im up first!"
by justin May 11, 2004

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word used when a girls aerolas are equivelant or exceed the size of a dinner plate
when cindy showed me her boobs i laughed my ass off at her huge dinner plate nipples.
by justin February 26, 2005

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