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1. A confectionery candy that is on the end of a stick.

2. Fun.
A lollipop emoji ate a lollipop
by JulianDB December 14, 2016

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( doh ) a thick elastic malleable substance used as the basis for bread, cake, etc.
The malleable dough

Play dough
by JulianDB February 08, 2017

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An appliance or apparatus that sucks current particles of dirt specks or dust. Vacuum cleaners have a tube that can also suck couch filth.
OMG a vacuum cleaner.
by JulianDB December 31, 2016

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Baby fly
A maggot ( larva)

was growing up.
by JulianDB January 02, 2017

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A woody plant with leaves, a trunk , and root. Several trees have usually green leaves borne on the stem of the tree. Some leaves fall off by autumn.
Look at the tree
via giphy
by JulianDB December 30, 2016

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( fujed-a-boud-it) forget about it ( indicating that a scenario is unlikely or undesirable. Foggetaboutit.
The sign says Fuhgedaboudit. It means forget about it.
by JulianDB January 22, 2017

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( on-ING ) a structure that is fastened to the building and made of cloth canvas to protect houses from the sun or rain.
There's an awning on the house.
by JulianDB January 10, 2017

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