28 definitions by JulianDB

A scaly vertebrate that has a short or long body and wholly living and breathing in water.
I want to name my fish Goldie
by JulianDB March 15, 2019
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An automobile, a form of transportation with four wheels and gas powered ( typically, usually ). See automobile
I can pick you up because I am linked to my car.
by JulianDB December 31, 2016
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An appliance or apparatus that sucks current particles of dirt specks or dust. Vacuum cleaners have a tube that can also suck couch filth.
by JulianDB January 1, 2017
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Very disgusting bug that eats one's food.
There was a cockroach.
by JulianDB December 21, 2016
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( on-ING ) a structure that is fastened to the building and made of cloth canvas to protect houses from the sun or rain.
There's an awning on the house.
by JulianDB January 10, 2017
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Any of numerous chiefly day flying birds ( of the family Trochilidae ) that sip nectar and having an extensible beak to sip the nectar. Hummingbirds or hummers got thus name because it has wings that hum because of the special muscles that make an audible hum.
by JulianDB January 3, 2017
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Any of a class Astroidea of echinoderms that have arms that make it resemble a star.
Is that a starfish?
by JulianDB January 7, 2017
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