Any person who is a part of the Unwind Dystology Fandom. These are insane fangirls that have threatened to kill Neal Shusterman if he killed off a main character. As a part of this Fandom, I recommend you run if you come in contact with a Wholly or a Whovian, for these are the craziest of fandoms.
Me: I'm such a Wholly, I totally ship Connor and Hayden.
Friend: Shut up please.
Me: No Officer, I swear she was dead when I walked in
by WhollyWhovian729701 March 23, 2014
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The act of shoving a habanero up your and/or your partners ass during sex
My wife did a wholly habanero last night in bed
by Cellucci November 30, 2018
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When the number one is conventionally chosen to represent the totality of something or a group of things, from which equal parts or subgroups, often known as fractions, result.
Like the holy one who receives special treatment even in nonreligious quarters, the wholly one is widely favored than other whole numbers (in spite of having multiple factors) even in nonmathematical circles.
by Fasters April 6, 2023
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a depiction of a walrus that is created by using straws in the place of tusks.

also, a large female?? creature who roams cafeterias.
-"omg, why does that wholly mammoth have such large tusks?"
-"they only have industrial sized straws."
by adjkl2 January 9, 2010
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a tortilla shell (soft taco shell) that you put on your crotch after a good workout then you slide it up to your chest. then you put it in someone's face.
right after a good workout where i was very sweaty i gave my brother a wholly Jose in his face
by the man-bear June 23, 2010
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