Someone, (usually a female), who just lays there, unmoving, as they are getting fucked.
She had such a smoking hot body, but sadly she was a starfish.
by CooknRide January 31, 2016
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A sexual partner (usually female) who is not actively involved in the sexual encounter.
"My girl is a starfish, how can I fix this?"
by LemonySnickets November 27, 2015
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Starfish(n) the anus, or rectum. Also an adj.
Foxy's starfish looked a little beat-up, so I didn't think she'd mind if I went ahead and pounded it some myself.
by rufnqaz March 13, 2016
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Sea Stars. A common name for a class of echinoderms called astoidea. They have five sides and live underwater, commonly feeding on smaller creatures like snails, sponges, bivalves and deposits of algae.
A bunch of starfish came through here and ate all of the oysters.
by jelloman183 April 20, 2020
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A girl that is very passive/boring in bed. Mainly in missionary position.

Spread out like a starfish. No talent at all.
Guy: "Are you going to be a Starfish again today ?"
Girl: "I feel tired.. so.."

Gade: "Dude this girl last night went completely starfish on me again!"
Skanqueman: Again?! Throw that thing back in the sea.
by Skanque1207 December 5, 2012
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Noun: A dead fuck. Someone who may lays there, doing nothing, during sex.
Marcus went and ate Denise's Mac N Cheese in the kitchen. Afterwards, while she was on top, Marcus just laid there like a starfish and allowed Denise to do all the work.
by footinmouth December 31, 2015
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When you get so high you are spread out and stuck to your bed like a starfish.
"Haley got so high from that Lasagna bowl that she starfished in the car and didn't even make it to Taco Bell" "Gordon is always the first to Starfish"
by onefortysix September 21, 2015
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