Someone, (usually a female), who just lays there, unmoving, as they are getting fucked.
She had such a smoking hot body, but sadly she was a starfish.
by CooknRide January 31, 2016
A sexual partner (usually female) who is not actively involved in the sexual encounter.
"My girl is a starfish, how can I fix this?"
by LemonySnickets November 27, 2015
The act of spreading all limps and just laying there during sex
He just starfished last night and I had to do all the work it was intense
by Adriaan1012 July 17, 2019
Starfish(n) the anus, or rectum. Also an adj.
Foxy's starfish looked a little beat-up, so I didn't think she'd mind if I went ahead and pounded it some myself.
by rufnqaz March 13, 2016
A girl that is very passive/boring in bed. Mainly in missionary position.

Spread out like a starfish. No talent at all.
Guy: "Are you going to be a Starfish again today ?"
Girl: "I feel tired.. so.."

Gade: "Dude this girl last night went completely starfish on me again!"
Skanqueman: Again?! Throw that thing back in the sea.
by Skanque1207 December 5, 2012
Sea Stars. A common name for a class of echinoderms called astoidea. They have five sides and live underwater, commonly feeding on smaller creatures like snails, sponges, bivalves and deposits of algae.
A bunch of starfish came through here and ate all of the oysters.
by jelloman183 April 20, 2020
Noun: A dead fuck. Someone who may lays there, doing nothing, during sex.
Marcus went and ate Denise's Mac N Cheese in the kitchen. Afterwards, while she was on top, Marcus just laid there like a starfish and allowed Denise to do all the work.
by footinmouth December 31, 2015