The crazy cartoon Strong Bad made up in email #72. All of the episodes are about a blue cowcopter trying to get a worm out of the ground. And then Eh, Steve! comes out and delivers his catch phrase ("Eh, Steve!") and is chased away or yelled at by a black and white talking wheelchair. (who is voiced by Bubs.) Strong Bad himself is also in it. But his head is an old electronic keyboard that plays random demos.
Crazy cartoons usually have titles that have nothing to do with the cartoon itself. You know like Sweet Cuppin' Cakes.
by SCharon August 20, 2004
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The title of the "kah-razy" cartoon Strong Bad made up.
"It would be called'Sweet Cuppin' Cakes'"
by Cheatster August 13, 2003
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The name of the "crazy cartoon" Strong Bad made Main Characters: Cowcopter, Eh!Steve!, The Wheelchair, Strong Bad.
In a crazy cartoon, the title has nothing to do with the cartoon so let's call it uh.."Sweet Cuppin' Cakes"!
by SCOTT! May 17, 2003
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A kah-razy cartoon starring a cross between a cow and a helicopter, Eh Steve, a Wheelchair, and Strong Bad with an old Casio keyboard for a head.
"Eh, Steve!"
"I'll get you, Eh Steve, if it's the last thing I do!!"
by H Hog May 6, 2003
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1.When you want to say, that something is super fuckin ass cool but would enjoy to be a little more sincere in the words.

2. When a situation arrives that you want to say cool in a never heard before way.

3. Someone says something so shockingly funny that you need to use this phrase cause no other words can come to mind!
Wow, Miss K that pasta was Sweet Cuppin Cakes

:You: Hey Tim, that movie was Sweet Cuppin Cakes
:Tim: Wow, what a cool word! YOU RULE!

by Super Sean November 8, 2005
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a funny cartoon on the charcters on that cartoon is a mix between a cow and a helacopter, hey steve,a talking wheelchair, and strong bad with a key board on his head.
by hey steve August 27, 2003
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