most beautiful soul/ r&b singer, doesn't have to wear a bikini on stage to get fans.from the streets of new upcoming legend who will never be forgotten!!!!
me:ooh she's pretty
girl:can she sing
girl:oh she's an alicia keys?

by SierRa&couTanae September 14, 2003
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One of the most beautiful rnb singers that has made good music and is very talented.
alicia keys has a great new song out !
by LatinaKaterina November 17, 2004
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A girl who got famous by bein totally hot! Plus she can sing and play the piano like none other!
Check out her CD ASAP!
Dang! Check out that sizzlin chick! She is almost as trippin sexy as Alicia Keys!
by Ozone Boi June 23, 2005
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Alicia Keys is one of the finer R&B/Soul artists in today's music scene. Finer in the sense that she is real talent: she composes, plays and sings by herself! :O. She's also finer in the sense... well she's simply gorgeous. ;D Great musician, IMO. Do yourself a favor and check her out.
Alicia Keys > You (You = Crap R&B musicians :p)

You can do better than Usher, beauty. ;D
by SimbaGrim October 27, 2005
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An r&b and soul singer who can play the hell out of some piano keys. who writes songs with meaniful lyrics. A beautiful young woman who doesnt have to be a hoorslut and act like paris hilton to get fans
Wow did you see alicia keys peform the other day?
by Ashlee055 February 21, 2006
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as my brotha would say u cant define her!!She is jus 1 of those types of gurlz you jus like
she is jus........OMG!! Thats what my brotha would say.
by Allie July 14, 2004
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Alicia Keys isthe Most Beautiful Woman to Grace the Face of The Earth.... all of you that say bad things about her are jealous. Please!!!! dont hate her because shes wayyyyyyyyy much better than much of you girls will be and wayyyy much better than all your girlfriends will be.

Beautiful Voice, Great Talente, Great Body....and oh yeah a hundred million times better than Beyonce!
If you want to see a real beautiful woman just look at Alicia Keys.
by Chri$ a.k.a Chyno January 17, 2006
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