45 definitions by Juan

You would find rock baby in an urban thesarus under crack baby. Rock baby is a more street version of saying crack baby, since the original term has become mainstream.
Yo look at dat rock baby wit the big forehead and drool comin' out da corna of his mouf. His mother must have been suckin' on that pipe like it was her job.
by Juan February 24, 2005
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u r nu. "you are nu"
by Juan October 25, 2004
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last night me and this hoe jugged and i nutted on her back
by Juan May 6, 2003
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someone who can't open their eyes when they smile
Man, Reade always has to close his eyes when he laughs...we should call him a readeface.
by Juan February 5, 2004
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An extreme orgasm that results in a long stream of jizz.
I had not had sex for six months so when I finally did I had the biggest Dolly Pop ever.
by Juan March 7, 2005
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Overcast! owns all of you.
by Juan August 30, 2003
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The type of groovy music found on porn soundtracks.
I got a boner as soon as the porn funk started playing with those hot chicks in the video.
by Juan February 18, 2005
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