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meaning "fuck" in Jamaican slang.
Yo rasta, what the "blood clott".
by Juan May 10, 2004
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:NOUN: 1. Someone who has had their balls removed
2. A man who is the equivalent of a goat only on Saturdays when he's drinking massive amounts of alcohol.
1. I feel bad for that eunuch jelly man
2. Man, yesterday i turned into a eunuch jelly man
by Juan April 4, 2004
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This defenition is used for a cool, volumptuious, fine kitty-cat who gets all the men, but is honorable to just one. This background comes from mid-eighteenth century in southern new york and traveled downward during the century to where it reached Cuba and is now mainly used in southern Florida.
" That chick is acting like such a yessenia. WOW! I don't want her, I want a bitch!!"
by Juan January 10, 2005
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Inner City Slang defining a person whose hangout of choice is their front porch. The voyeurs of the ghetto who don't do nothing but check out their block from the comfort of the steps leading up to their home.
"That stoop mongrel ain't got no job. She just sits on her porch all day with that scrub Mookie."
by Juan February 18, 2005
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A smart girl. A thug or a gangster chick.
Hey chim
by Juan November 23, 2003
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An extreme orgasm that results in a long stream of jizz.
I had not had sex for six months so when I finally did I had the biggest Dolly Pop ever.
by Juan March 7, 2005
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A really attractive guy. A guy who get's more girls than seemingly possible by his looks.
by Juan December 17, 2003
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