also known as the "devil horns". a hand gesture often practiced by metalheads and rockers alike. the gesture can me made by curling in your thumb, middle and ring fingers inwards towards your palm. meant to represent the "sign of the devil" with the index and pinky fingers erected, representing the horns of the devil.
just do it. curl in your middle ring fingers towards your palm, and place your thumb over them. then make sure you keep your index and pinky fingers straight and there you have it.

by werd neseirf March 8, 2011
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Its's a brazilian expression for a woman who has been cheated by her partner
"Corno" means horns in english, so its also common to hear "she has horns" or "her boyfriend put horns in her head" to say the woman has been cheated on
"João traiu a Maria com 7 mulheres ontem, Maria foi corna" = "João cheated on Maria with 7 women yesterday, Maria is a corna"

"Maria watch out!! you're gonna break the celling with your horns"
by pleaseitsjustajoke January 22, 2021
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Cornae is a girl that doesn’t give a fuck about what u say in doesn’t understand why people don’t like her she doesn’t care about anything she protects her people and is mean an reckless
Who is that?

That’s cornae
by Made_faxs July 15, 2019
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AKA Rocker Shocker, AKA "Rock On!!" sign, AKA Horn; this hand gesture is for Texans and true metal fans only.

It doesn't mean rock on, doesn't mean you are an instant metalhead or rocker, it expresses love for metal.

Popularized by Ronnie James Dio.
1) Guitar Hero Fanboy: (Throws Up Corna) I am so rockin'!!

Me: You know who Dio is??

GH Fanboy: No.

Me: Then STFU!!!!

2) Average mongoloid: Hey, I'm a metal for life!!!

Me: Hey, what's a corna??

Mongoloid: Duh....... I dunno. LOL!

Me: Then STFU!!!!
by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
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the homie whos like steph curry wit it but only from the corner. will shout "hotspot hotspot" repeatedly until he receives a pass and absolutely drain the three. walking brick from anywhere else
Tyrone: aye bro did you see that shot my boy d'quavius hit?
Marquise: hell yeah man he a corna jit fr!
D'quavius: I'm that guy!
by big papi corna jit May 4, 2022
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