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The ridge between the anus and scrotum where the penis actually ends, also the coolest word ever created.
While you're down there, remember to massage the rifkin.
by Seth Walsh (cactus) February 16, 2005
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Bodyhair located beneath the balls and before the ass crack.
"Dude, I was trimming my rifkin and accidentally cut my sac."
by Juan February 17, 2005
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70 female Night Elf druid of the Zul'jin US realm.

Guild member of Affinity, a guild which has completed all of TBC thus far, before patch 2.4 that is.
Person 1 "Dude Rifkin is a dick"
Person 2 "Yeah hella people hate him"
Person 3 "But when he makes fun of people with turrets during an AQ40 raid, he's hilarious!"
by Ramanigga March 02, 2008
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