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Par for the course. When something outrageous happens and a blase attitude is adopted in the face of it.
"I went out to the car to find I have two flat tires. Just another Tuesday."
by JormanThoad February 22, 2017

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When somebody does something well-within their predictable norms.
Come on, he called in sick to work on his birthday. CLASSIC BRENDA
by JormanThoad December 31, 2016

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Bringing attention or emphasis to archetypical or repetitive behavior on social media. Often used as a stand-alone rejoinder.
"Hey look! Brian is linking to that same meme, again!"
by JormanThoad February 22, 2017

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The war cry of our new alien robot overlords. Humans use it sarcastically when frustrated.
"Steve in Accounting just told me to unplug my computer and all its peripherals. Isn't that an IT thing? DIE, EARTH BITCHES!"
by JormanThoad March 07, 2017

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A way for enthusiasts to distinguish which superhero world they are referencing. The difference between "paper marvel" and "movie marvel" is the difference between published comics and the films.
"Man, I love the paper Marvel version of the Avengers better than the movies. So much more rich history."
by JormanThoad March 03, 2017

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Used to dismiss a vapid Internet argument; shows the poster needs to educate himself on the topic at hand.
"The 1968 Mets were the best baseball team ever? Why don't you go read a book about India?"
by JormanThoad March 02, 2017

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When two assholes try to out-asshole each other in an Internet bitch fight.
"If your statement was never supposed to be read as anything more than a synonym for 'Russia is not good and not our friend' then sorry for being comparably pedantic, I guess.
by JormanThoad February 24, 2017

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