To back out of something in an especially weak and wimpish manner.
Guy1: "Hey, yo' still coming to the pub tonight? We'll do a gallon and then have a curry!"
Guy2: "I can't now, I've got some letters to write and then I have to wash my hair."
Guy1: "That is a total wimp out bro."
by Pedrosa von Beagle April 7, 2006
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phrase used in a game much like "punchbuggy" or "monkeys always look". Origin: l'oreal hair products advertisment.
you:"Hey jane?"
Jane:"Yeah?" (or) "what?"
you (pointing your finger at her much like the model on the l'oreal ad):"Don't wimp out!"

you win the stupid game!
by Balki August 14, 2003
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