1. (sti-lin) slang. meaning looking good or in fashion.

2. (stiii-lin) slang. to lie, con, bluff, play or simply get-over on someone.
1. Those new Air Force Ones you got be stylin!

2. This Rolex ain't for real, you stylin!
by tom mcparland June 17, 2007
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stlyin a word used in new york n jersey 4 years....way b4 dat youtube video(think! he didnt invent da word). its similar in definition to wild'n(da d's silent).it can also mean bein fucked up to someone or disrespectful.n it can also mean (and is used dis way da most) sayin to sum1 dat there 'buggin'
ME:yo wen u gunna pay me my money.
YOU:im a lil short
ME:nah y u stylin on me (OR jus plain "u stylin")
by jchustle22 November 24, 2007
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The word stylin is used commonly in new jersey/ny, stylin just simply meanss bugged out, or being rude/disrespectful. Buggin or "bugged out" is another term notifying that someone needs to chill or calm down simply because they said or did something that was either disrespectful or unordinary.
girl: Niqqa plz don't nobody want you, you madd ugly
boy: Yo you be "stylin" , you swear you da shitt man
by LilmissGshidd July 25, 2010
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man, you stylin?

ya, i got a half ounce
by Jon March 18, 2005
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"I like that bag. It's stylin."

"It's okay, we've 10 minutes. We'll make the next bus. We're stylin'."

by urbanal February 5, 2005
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The act of possessing illicit substances
man, you styling?

Yeuh i got a half ounce
by Jon March 17, 2005
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stylin means he just playin wit u

EX: dude i just won the damn lottery!!

that would be stylin
by HERSHIO December 24, 2008
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