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The meaning of the phrase originaly was against child labor,until now where it got reduced to a logical fallacy
and a catchtphrase for entitled moms and dads everywhere
Karen says "Cancel adult swim,its too scary for my 2 year old Tommy!"

Darryl says "Think of the children!
by JohnnyB.Emo September 3, 2021
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obnoxiously happy all the time. even worse than the most optimistic of Pollyannas
Kyle always had a very panglossian view of life, until the day he found out his middle name was Pollyanna!
by JohnnyB.Emo September 16, 2021
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a phrase usually said when somebody does something awfully bad,yet they are fine wit´it.
Wren:how do you sleep?

Shelby:like a child
by JohnnyB.Emo July 20, 2021
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this is a song about a whale...NO!

this is a song bout being happy,thats right

Often used by happy happyists
`tis the Happy-happy-joy-joy song!
by JohnnyB.Emo July 30, 2021
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When something is odd,nonsensical,funny and delightful.Usually bieng reminicent of Dr.Elefun,the happy-go-lucky old professor from Astro Boy
Lil´Billy:what do you think of my drawing?

Pops:well,i think its a big-nosed-professor moment!
by JohnnyB.Emo May 27, 2021
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An old dead man who was a very influential comic artist. Fortunately his fandom isn´t toxic .

The man is also known as M. Franquin(Pronounced Fran-kan)
André Franquin always had a soft spot for marsupilamis and funny little monsters.
by JohnnyB.Emo September 8, 2021
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what makes every generic story even better and not vain at all
who dosent love a good ol´love triangle?
by JohnnyB.Emo August 2, 2021
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