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possibly astroboy. an anime show that is extremely vital in the history of anime. Astro Boy has been a constant figure in Japan and around the world. basically the first anime show (debatable), and also the first anime show to gain notority worldwide (although speed racer would later come and blow astro boy away with its crazzy ass success). about a robot kid made by some doctor. a mix basically of superman and pinochhio. lots of stuff here. created by Osama Tezaku, the father of anime.
Soaring high in the sky, he may be small but only in size... something something... astro boy!
by thegreatmonkey October 26, 2005
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Iconic anime character originally created by Tezuka Osamu (the 'Manga no Kamisama') as a comic book in the 1950's.
Astro (Tetsuwan Atomu - Mighty/Iron Arm Atom in Japanese) is a young robot boy who fight for truth, justice and the bushido way in a futuristic megalopolis.
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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Maddy: I would love to meet an AstroBoy
Nicole: Me too! Those guys are so cute!
Maddy: Okay!:)
by ForNetNeutrality August 11, 2018
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