58 definition by Johnny Tats

to go and have good sex
I am so frustrated that I have to do my thang tonight or I will explode.
by Johnny Tats June 16, 2008

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term used to describe Budweiser beer
Hey barmaid give me another bottle of redneck ballsweat.
by Johnny Tats December 13, 2007

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the shit that awakens one from a sound sleep at 2:30am after eating a large amount of meat before bedtime
Man 1: Why are you so tired today?

Man 2: I got the meat shit from going to Outback!
by Johnny Tats May 23, 2008

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Term used to describe a wet fart.
I had to leave work this afternoon because I had a hanes paint incident.
by Johnny Tats November 08, 2007

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to leave a party or function when no one is paying attention and without saying goodbye
That party last night was so lame that I had to shade out.
by Johnny Tats November 12, 2007

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A man who gets so much pussy that he should have an agency to organize them all.
That dude is such an ass agent it makes me ill.
by Johnny Tats November 08, 2007

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when a man is fucking a woman and has his dick all the way in her
Woman: Stick it all the way in baby.
Man: I'm already buried to the hip.
by Johnny Tats April 26, 2008

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