58 definition by Johnny Tats

Similar to tennis elbow but obtained by a bartender after vigorously shaking martinis all night long
I was unable to pump the monkey after work last nite because I had a severe case of martini elbow.
by Johnny Tats September 14, 2007

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the name given to a Volkswagon Cabriolet that is owned by a man
Man 1: I think my new girls brother might be a homo.

Man 2: The gaybriolet is a dead giveaway.
by Johnny Tats July 29, 2008

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when a man puts a woman face down on the bed and eats her ass out for about 10 minutes
Man 1: That girl is so fine, but she is a fucking bitch.

Man 2: She just needs someone to dig it out and she will be fine.
by Johnny Tats May 16, 2008

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the undersized well manicured mustache that gay men have...they use it to sop up the cum that is left on the head of the cock
Woman : What is your opinion about Bruce? Do you think he is gay?

Man : That cumsopper is a dead giveaway baby.
by Johnny Tats June 18, 2008

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slang term to describe AIDS
Watch out for Wayne cause he has the stuff.
by Johnny Tats January 03, 2008

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when one has to desperately squeeze their asscheeks together because they have to shit badly
I was in traffic on the highway today and had to do the clinch for almost an hour.
by Johnny Tats July 31, 2008

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the apex level of hot women...only the finest of fine women fall into this category...consists of about 1% of the female population
I'm still not sure how the hell I pulled Missy, because she is championship level.
by Johnny Tats July 29, 2008

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