58 definition by Johnny Tats

the wonderful paintjob that one gives the toilet when they have explosive diarreah
I painted such an assterpiece today that I thought I was Michaelangelo.
by Johnny Tats December 10, 2007

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when the water in the toilet splashes up on your ass and legs from explosive diareah
I had a lot of splash up this afternoon on the office toilet.
by Johnny Tats November 13, 2007

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the small pieces of shit that are left floating in the toilet after flushing
After eating those tacos I saw more shitbits than ever before.
by Johnny Tats May 27, 2008

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when a womans clitoris and it's hood protrude out further than the labia and the lips of the labia close on it like the flaps on a purse ; similar to camel toe but much meatier
I took this hot blonde home last night and when she peeled off her panties the most beautiful meat purse was unleashed.
by Johnny Tats January 31, 2007

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the hassle that one goes through when getting gas
I had such a gassle today at Shell.
by Johnny Tats May 31, 2007

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A dent that occurs on ones car after being parked in a public lot. Usually from a shopping cart or another cars door.
I just got my DB9 a week ago and already have a parking lot special on the passenger side.
by Johnny Tats April 23, 2008

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A very hairy unshaved pussy.
That ho has a furr pie that you can see through her pants.
by Johnny Tats November 02, 2007

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