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A person that puts people's last names on Urban dictionary thinking that she is funny but in reality she is a very stupid individual.
Guy #1: Look how Ana Pixy defined the last name Bommarito. It truly means "good husband". Guy #2: Yep ....not the stupid definition that she wrote. Guy #1: Let's give her a thumbs down. Guy #2: Yep .....I sure will. She is a dumb bitch!!!
by JoeyBomm April 19, 2020

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A male that exhibits himself as having female characteristics with the clothes that he wears and the way that he acts.
Guy #1: Look at Mike in his new clothes. I think that he bought them on the blue light special at Kmart. Guy #2: He looks like a cherry pants. No girl is going to want to go steady with him!
by JoeyBomm March 22, 2020

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The study of how one fucked up Chinaman killed thousands of people globally by introducing a Corona virus known as Covid-19 to the world.
Guy #1: This is bullshit that we now have a new field of study called Covidology. Guy #2: Yep all because of some dumbass.
by JoeyBomm March 22, 2020

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People that constantly degrade other people making themselves look like the biggest asshole in the world.
Mean people suck!
by JoeyBomm May 03, 2020

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A person that exhibits irrational behavior when confronted by persons that question his or her sexuality.
Guy #1: Look at Rodney making fun of Marty's man purse and poking him in his moobs. Guy #2: Omg....Marty is about to start screaming and crying. Wow....what a skodad!
by JoeyBomm March 17, 2020

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A phrase used by weak people to make themselves feel better when they have an abnormally busy day and/or life.
Woman: I need a good cry..... I'm overwhelmed! Waaaaaaa 😭
by JoeyBomm April 19, 2020

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A person that is immature and inexperienced at the job they have been hired to do.
Eddie is no good at pulling the right size tires to fill that customers tire order. He's a little cherry!
by JoeyBomm March 25, 2020

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