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A really beautiful and exciting day, which sadly, only happens once a month for most of us, but which means that we've temporarily got money in our pockets again. Sadly though, it's normally pretty bloody short-lived, 'cos we're normally absolutely flat-broke again before the week's out.
Payday's coming! I can't wait!
by Joe_Schmuck July 01, 2017
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A very cheeky request that you make to your gorgeous girlfriend, in order to get her to Twerk for you, to get your mojo working. I say this to my girl all the time, when she and I are alone together.
"Move it like Beyoncé, babygirl!"
by Joe_Schmuck February 05, 2017
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An adult male singer who's lucky enough to have the deep, dark, robust timbre- (vocal sound-quality, to the non-singer), of a Baritone- (the middle adult blokes' vocal-range), combined with the range of a second or low Tenor- (the second highest, natural adult blokes' vocal-range), while also, still retaining their own, natural Baritone vocal-range, and who, as a result of possessing this very rare vocal-range, is able to sing in both the Tenor AND the Baritone tessituras, or ranges, to the non-singer- (more often than not, equally as well, equally as easily, and with no significant problems, while singing in either range!)
Well-known Baritenors included Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley. Both of these two artists could sing equally as well in the Tenor AND Baritone ranges.
by Joe_Schmuck February 01, 2017
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Cockney and general London criminal slang for a police-car, used in this manner due to the fact that police-cars in London- (England), used to have orange and yellow stripes running down the side of them back in the day, which apparently, made them look like jam sandwiches- (short for the London slang-term, "jam sandwich.")
Shit, lads! It's the fuckin' jammy! Scarper!
by Joe_Schmuck August 07, 2017
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A word that many people- (me included, I hasten to add), often try and hide behind, in order to pretend that they couldn't care less about someone or something, when in reality, it's absolutely tearing them apart inside, because they care a lot more than they wish they did and a hell of a lot more than they're willing to admit that they care. This word's often said while fighting back the tears with all the bloody strength you can possibly muster, in my humble experience.
Girl one: "Aww, babe! I'm so sorry you and Ben broke up last night."

Girl two: "Whatever!"
by Joe_Schmuck October 21, 2017
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Any sad, pathetic git or slag who insists on jacking off or fingering themselves live on cam, or on performing a live, on-cam striptease, getting their cocks or their tits and pussies out live on webcam, while they're on Tinychat- (for the record, this shit's normally done while they're performing some ridiculous bloody dance, which they delude themselves into believing is sexy, when it's actually not!)
Oh, dear God, no! Not another bloody Tinychat pornstar! Can't no bugger on this bloody site just chat normally, without getting their fuckin' cocks or pussies out?!
by Joe_Schmuck February 10, 2016
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