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An adult male vocalist who has pretty much an unbroken voice- (whereas, most blokes' voices break at puberty), and who, as a result of this failure to lose his "baby voice" at puberty, remains able to sing in the vocal tessituras- (ranges, to the non-singer), of the female Alto, Mezzo-soprano, and very occasionally, Soprano, without having to resort to the use of Falsetto- (false voice.)
True Countertenors are a very rare thing. Most blokes who think they're Countertenors are actually Falsettists, who sing in the Countertenor registers, using Falsetto- (false voice.)
by Joe_Schmuck February 1, 2017
A slightly dated Jewish expression of anger, disgust, dismay or frustration, literally meaning "I don't want to live to see tomorrow!"- (probably pretty much equivalent to something along the lines of "For fuck's sake!") I first heard this expression being used by my now, ex-girlfriend's stepmum.
"Oy vey! I can't believe she's invited that prat round here again! Kill me tonight!"
by Joe_Schmuck September 9, 2018
A nickname what I call my girlfriend pretty much constantly, 'cos I think it sounds cute as hell, but what my girl absolutely bloody despises, 'cos she reckons it sounds "ghetto".
"I love you, baebae".

"Ya know I hate that pronunciation, baby! Please stop!"
by Joe_Schmuck June 20, 2022
A really beautiful and exciting day, which sadly, only happens once a month for most of us, but which means that we've temporarily got money in our pockets again. Sadly though, it's normally pretty bloody short-lived, 'cos we're normally absolutely flat-broke again before the week's out.
Payday's coming! I can't wait!
by Joe_Schmuck July 2, 2017
1. To get involved with someone, romantically, via webcam, on Tinychat.com.
2. To become and carry on like a couple on Tinychat, via webcam.
Tinydate: 1. Hey, guess what! Dan's only started Tinydating Melissa.

Tinydate: 2. Ronnie and Skye have been Tinydating for months now.
by Joe_Schmuck January 25, 2016
Any sad, pathetic git or slag who insists on jacking off or fingering themselves live on cam, or on performing a live, on-cam striptease, getting their cocks or their tits and pussies out live on webcam, while they're on Tinychat- (for the record, this shit's normally done while they're performing some ridiculous bloody dance, which they delude themselves into believing is sexy, when it's actually not!)
Oh, dear God, no! Not another bloody Tinychat pornstar! Can't no bugger on this bloody site just chat normally, without getting their fuckin' cocks or pussies out?!
by Joe_Schmuck February 10, 2016
Cockney and general London criminal slang for a police-car, used in this manner due to the fact that police-cars in London- (England), used to have orange and yellow stripes running down the side of them back in the day, which apparently, made them look like jam sandwiches- (short for the London slang-term, "jam sandwich.")
Shit, lads! It's the fuckin' jammy! Scarper!
by Joe_Schmuck August 8, 2017