The range, often an abbreviation for ‘range rover’ used by Azeem Baig, who loves to flex his dads car.
Hey guys, do you need a lift? I’ve got the range today.
by Anonabet December 15, 2019
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most MMO's now have farmers of eastern origin, if they are hunting a spot and you walk in and they wish you to leave they say this. it translates to "go away" or "fuck off" or "leave"
"rang rang our room pk ok"
by Skan Taylor May 6, 2005
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Legit player: This looks like a good hunting loc--

(Chinese farmer suddenly materializes out of thin air)

Chinese farmer: RANG RANG
by NVLL February 1, 2009
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A slang term for asian people. Originated by "The Bog" on the Fires of Heaven forum. Usually originally refered to asians playing World of Warcraft (especially "chinese gold farmers") but has been expanded to apply to any asian.
"Check out that rang rang farming in WoW"
by Sodami April 1, 2006
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Moderately good; Used to describe something that the observer views somewhat positively, but without enthusiasm. Appropriate when lit is too strong of a word to describe the situation.
It wasn't the best party this semester, but it was pretty range I guess.
by Repasto December 13, 2018
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To be the same age for dating or in the same area.
Tristan: So Dustin, are you and Mckynzie dating?
Dustin: Nah dude, shes not in range
by KingZoomer October 8, 2016
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Short for "Range Rover", an expensive SUV.
All black, tinted-up, thugged out Range.
by 4l3X May 23, 2003
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