A really beautiful and exciting day, which sadly, only happens once a month for most of us, but which means that we've temporarily got money in our pockets again. Sadly though, it's normally pretty bloody short-lived, 'cos we're normally absolutely flat-broke again before the week's out.
Payday's coming! I can't wait!
by Joe_Schmuck July 2, 2017
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When something is positive or good that excites you and/or makes you happy and satisfied.
by xhashmeerx October 6, 2008
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A poop that has more than 50% corn in it, thus resembling the Payday candy bar.
Kenny had a great cookout, I just dropped a payday.
by Carl hungo October 27, 2016
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While having sex with a girl just before you're about to come you run to the girls purse and release the ejaculate into it while simultaneously shouting "Payday!"
Dave, "Hey man I heard you were hanging out with Krissie last night." Curtis, "Yeah dude it was her Payday for sure."

Jeff, "Man, I gave Sara the biggest Payday last night!" Dave, "Damn she's probably never going to call your ass again"
by BDMD June 10, 2011
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Crazy. Completely nuts. Soft on the inside nuts on the outside.
from the candy bar that is covered in peanuts.
I just saw Travis doing cartwheels naked down the street. Clearly, he's gone Payday on us.
by PRCPortalet November 20, 2008
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As per the John Waters film A Dirty Shame, a PAYDAY is an unflushed turd.
"A PAYDAY is an unflushed turd, hence my name. I used to defecate in public restrooms . . . and never flushed the toliet."
by iloverobots01 January 9, 2006
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A person you know to only have sex for money.
That bitch is hot!

Yeah but she's a payday.
by not a brown bagger April 23, 2009
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