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When something is positive or good that excites you and/or makes you happy and satisfied.
by xhashmeerx October 06, 2008
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Aug 11 Word of the Day
You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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A really beautiful and exciting day, which sadly, only happens once a month for most of us, but which means that we've temporarily got money in our pockets again. Sadly though, it's normally pretty bloody short-lived, 'cos we're normally absolutely flat-broke again before the week's out.
Payday's coming! I can't wait!
by Joe_Schmuck July 01, 2017
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As per the John Waters film A Dirty Shame, a PAYDAY is an unflushed turd.
"A PAYDAY is an unflushed turd, hence my name. I used to defecate in public restrooms . . . and never flushed the toliet."
by iloverobots01 January 08, 2006
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When all of the Ghettos Ho's show up with 4-6 Nigglettes at the Niggas temp job to put them on a guilt trip and try to score some money.
Come on Y'all we gone see yo Daddies at werk, Come on Fool it's Pay Day!
by psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003
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A gargantuant penis with a layer of large bumps around the shaft.
Don't touch my pay day, its for my girlfriend!
by G1LB3RTandCUBBY July 11, 2011
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Something that only seems to bring dissapointment...
YO YO YO! I GOTZ MAH PAYCHE--- dayyum... fiznutz, yo...
by Anonymous January 27, 2003
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