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An adult male singer who's lucky enough to have the deep, dark, robust timbre- (vocal sound-quality, to the non-singer), of a Baritone- (the middle adult blokes' vocal-range), combined with the range of a second or low Tenor- (the second highest, natural adult blokes' vocal-range), while also, still retaining their own, natural Baritone vocal-range, and who, as a result of possessing this very rare vocal-range, is able to sing in both the Tenor AND the Baritone tessituras, or ranges, to the non-singer- (more often than not, equally as well, equally as easily, and with no significant problems, while singing in either range!)
Well-known Baritenors included Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley. Both of these two artists could sing equally as well in the Tenor AND Baritone ranges.
by Joe_Schmuck February 01, 2017
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