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One who sings without rest... Who relates all things to music, and hates those who call themselves "singers," One who makes up harmonies to songs on the radio that no one else can sing, and at parties, drinks only a specific amount from their drink in order to achieve a certain pitch when one blows across the top (generally tuning to others in attendance.) And finally, one who doesnt need a mic!
That singer could never be a vocalist!
by vocalistdiva April 27, 2009
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1. A Singer
2. The person who is on the receiving end of tortures employed by vocal coaches. Often, singers are required to sing laying on their backs while being jabbed in the diaphragm with large pieces of metal or are punched ruthlessly in the gut when a forceful tone is desired.
3. Sopranos think they are the greatest gift to mankind...little do they know, the alto part is really where it's at.
i.e. Hey, Let's find a vocalist to torture, but please...not a soprano, they are so bitchy.
by TheVocalCoach October 25, 2010
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The voice in a band. As long as they are still providing vocals for a band it doesnt matter how well they are or how bad they suck they are still considered as such, as long as they haven't been kicked out. Vocalists tend to steal the spotlight from other important members of the band such as the drummer or bassist. Most people usually pay more attention to the vocalist and guitar and disreguard the drummer and bassist even though without them, that band you love so much would sound like shit.
dude 1: Goddamn this guy cant sing/scream for shit!
dude 2: Can you believe he's considered a vocalist?
dude 2: ... Least the drums and bass are good!
by background music August 25, 2010
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