40 definitions by Joe Mama

A derogatory term used to discribe one who has been caught masterbating. Also usful in slaging someone.
Leave me alone ya clown puncher!
by Joe Mama November 29, 2004
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Ng BBS Mod who wears turtleneck sweaters and watches hockey,gourgs on Canadian bacon and syrup, and kicks unsuspecting puppies in the face
Man, you fucking dobio, look what you did to that poor puppy. You crushed his skull AND he's all sticky from syrup
by Joe Mama October 23, 2004
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Having sex three times in one day with three different partners
I scored a hat trick...I fucked Eliza Brittney, and Suzi
by Joe Mama December 19, 2002
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A very distinguished and "hip" person that seems flawless in every aspect of his or her life... Usually found with unibrow.
he is one nice nicelio.
by Joe Mama April 6, 2005
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A single unit or pouch containing a narcotic most likley marijuana. Ususally priced at $5, so if you pay more you got gipped
by Joe Mama December 5, 2001
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A person that is way to into the jrotc/rotc programs that schools offer. This kind of person usually spells many words using the pheontic alphabet and probably owns a drill rifle.
by Joe Mama February 26, 2005
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Friday we was just cold kickin' it live, takin' no jive.
by Joe Mama September 20, 2003
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