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A slutty, snobby girl who is usually self-centered and typically a flunker at school. She makes a great fuck and can even give you free head if you are a football player.
#1 "That cheerleader Suzy is the best fuck I've had this year. She even polished my knob just a few minutes ago."
#2 "That dirty whore! And I just banged her two hours ago!"

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "that is so rude! there are three poeple on my cheer squad that are in the top 20 people in our class. One of them is sexond in our class! You're unbeliebale...same with you too...your probably just JEALOUS! get over urself!"
by jock June 20, 2003

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A person, like a any other drug addict, who cannot enjoy life without addictive chemicals.
When your housemate only gets out of bed on weekends to go out drinking and is otherwise a sullen sap. Someone whose happiest moments revolve around alchohol or being drunk.
by Jock January 07, 2005

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(v) 1) to engage in thoughtful passionate political dialogue, 2) to persuade left wing liberals of the error of their ways. 3) to life in a delusion that you are always right, due to narrow mindedness.
e.g. The old professor gormlied his young colleague friend from Washington D.C. and they lived happily every after.

gormlied (past tense) (n) a person of unusual charm, good taste, sophistication and an inflated sense of himself.
by Jock February 02, 2005

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The are between aladys pussy and her ass
I pulled out of her twat, crossed the biffany bridge and pushed it up her ass
by Jock May 23, 2003

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-- Horse or Donkey Seamen
-- To yomp a person, Created in canada and was first introduced through a video game when a zombie said yomp.. Means what ever or you suck as a insult
A horses seamen or You are a tupid yomp
by Jock January 27, 2005

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Someone who imposes their (healthy) dietary customs on others, but are still rude. But they should not be confused with your everyday vegan who's diet reflects an appreciation for their own life and health and that of others (including "animals")

They are very much like alchoholnazi's, tobacconazis, or drugnazi's who often similary try to impose their habits and addictions on others in the name of having a good time, but these peoples' habits are proven to be unhealthy and sometimes dangerous to others. These people also empower the BigDrugBusinessNazis which have a stranglehold on American democracy, giving businesses a greater voice than citizens. These businesses invariably work against or just don't give a "duck" about the general public.
someone who feels everyone must live like they do or who only feels comfortable around people who live, look or act like themsevles
by Jock January 07, 2005

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Something boring people are obsessed with because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Fanatics boost the salaries and contracts of a bunch of nimrods who can do little more than toss or kick a ball and get paid more than scientists, teachers, their moms and dads and other people who actually improve their lives and make the world a better place to live.
Why are americans so overweight by an large? Because they'd rather sit in front of tv's watching things like american football and american idol and drink beer. Beer gives guys such unsexy beer bellies that girls wont give them any sex, so guys have to sit around watching american football as if that were better than bustin' a nut.
by Jock January 23, 2005

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