Racist term used in white-supremacist circles to refer to a person of color, usually black, of upper or upper-middle class social standing.
That uppity peekaboo thinks she can golf here just because she has money.
by WhoKnowsWhoItCouldBe September 21, 2022
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When you ride a lady doggy-style, pull out and spit on her back (to make it seem like ejaculation) then when she turns around and smiles, spray her in the face wis da peen.
It was funny to see the look on her face when I peek-a-booed her.
by Pete the viking February 9, 2004
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The part with the button and flap on the front of a guy's boxers. When the button is undone, PEEKABOO! There's his penis!
Guys, when your fly is undone...WE CAN SEE YOUR PEEKABOO! =)
by Blueknightess April 11, 2005
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A person who is deceitful .... Someone you can not trust.
He/she is a peekaboo.
by soulmate June 30, 2004
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when you do a girl from the back but you are in her vagina and you wip your dick out and stick it in her butt
i peekabooed this girl last night and she started to cry
by jock February 23, 2005
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To give someone who likes you just enough hope to keep them coming without the relationship actually going anywhere or advancing, and it usually keeps the victim in emotional confusion and pain.
Friend: Megan is taking days to respond to my texts, but she also seems to like me; things aren't adding up bro.
Me: I think she is peekabooing you.
by PotatoPain December 12, 2019
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