This term, commonly used by college-age students, is someone you share a house with (or, less commonly, an apartment).

These people were, to my knowledge, formerly known as "roommates," in virtually all contexts.

Housemate seems to be merely one of the many trendy terms being tossed around these days.

Here are possible reasons for this word's existence:

A) Perhaps it's supposed to have less of the negative stigma that the word "roommate" seems to carry with it.

B) Also possible is that roommate implies a closer relationship/friendship than simply housemate.
John, Dave, and Bill were looking for another housemate to share in the rent.

That guy across the hall, he's my housemate.
by kirE August 20, 2007
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to have sex with a person who participates in community living.
My friend just housemated with my fellow housemate.

Watch as the majestic female lioness housemates with the pale, troll of a cooper (communal living practitioner), also known as my housemate Jim.
by mkyd March 8, 2010
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- Dude, I heard that john and Amy are sleeping together !

- Don't they live together?

- yeah.. they're housemating
by Nteimpocary September 30, 2018
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when five formerly heterosexual college-age men, all hot studs, get horny for each other and live together in a house where they get phone, internet and cable television service from telecommunications giant comcast corp, and pay for it by sucking each other off, all while bickering amongst themselves.
i'll need to see your credit scores if you want to rent this property. i want to make sure you can pay me rent and aren't just a couple of goddamn comcast housemates.
by Charleez September 11, 2007
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Dude who lives with you but fucks you over with rent and bill money - and then lies about it.
Using bill money to Gamble on the Greyhounds.
by Kathryn Marnell August 17, 2004
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A game of chance when moving into a new house or halls (e.g: into university accommodation or college dorms) and not knowing anyone that you will be living with.. and just hoping you get lucky with your house/flat mates.
A male student on a floor with a higher ratio of boys to girls = Losing housemate roulette

A male student on a floor with a higher ratio of girls to boys = Winning housemate roulette
by Dale23 August 25, 2011
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