Scouse way of saying "It's just one of those things that you have to accept in life"
"Arrrr mate, do us last tokes on that spliff dere"

"Fuck off yer knobhead!"

No need!!! Why yer being a stinge?

One of them innit!
by Benncm January 12, 2011
One of them can mean ex. Like an ex lover
"Yall ain't see Trump crying when his wife died"

"his wife isn’t dead."

by Iluvnerdyboys September 1, 2022
A term used to describe a person who has characteristics of someone that people dislike. Also see tosser

Commonly stated whilst using a hand gesture indicating masturbation.
A: He's an idiot
B: Yep, he's definitely one of them
by R33 SKY June 13, 2008
Meaning gay or homosexual. Started in August 2017 by my own self (unnamed), when asked the question “are you a homophobe?” My reply was simply “There is nothing wrong with gay people, I’m just not ONE OF THEM”
Oooh! I heard Teddy is one of them!
by RaccoonDude January 9, 2018
One of them usually refers to a measure of contraband. Usually of the illegal kind.
Local proprietor "How, geord, how many?"
Customer "Just get us one of them and two of those."

In this instance the vendor asked how many the buyer would like to buy. The buyer clearly asked for one of them and two of those.
by EX jungle posse April 12, 2011
a pointless thing to describe...well...anything! anything that is to be done or has been can be described this way.
I'm going out to get drunk and have a of them jobbies.
by Mr.Know.It.All May 31, 2006
I got back at someone even better than they did me
Somebody spreading rumors about get a "one up them" by not responding at will be no argument without your responding to the bull
by peaceful karma April 11, 2014