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the thing/things supposedly offered by McDonald's employees to their customers along with their meals, but usually when inquired about all one gets is a scowl.
"May I have some extra smiles with that please?" asked Jerold in addition to his meal, but his only response was an unkindly frown by the cashier.

Only under the threat of torture will a McDonalds employee give u a smile.
by Jizzo March 03, 2005

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Butt Hole
I poke my girl friend in the brown eye last night
by Jizzo June 06, 2003

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a place where STD's are transfered from bums, hobos, and hookers to those who are brave enough to venture inside them and use them for deffocation purposes.
I found out that my STD came from the public restroom and not my girlfriend.

I died a little inside as I passed the public restroom.
by Jizzo March 01, 2005

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a person who sits around and does nothing; a detriment to society
"Wow what a laze," exclaimed Bethany, "All Josh does is watch porn and eat chips."
by Jizzo March 01, 2005

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a blowjob machine in the back of ghetto McDonalds' and Burger Kings
I put 25 cents into the McErlaine in the Burger King bathroom.

Jenny's such a McErlaine, she always blows people to get backstage at concerts.

Only McErlaines diss on the x-squad.
by Jizzo March 01, 2005

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Music charts, or place where advertisment is displayed.
Muh nu album iz numba one on da billboard chartz!! thanks to an add on tha billbaord!
by jizzo July 09, 2003

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When consumption of alcoholic beverages over a long perio of time, usually a couple hours, exceeds the maximum alotted levels. Before ones body an expell the excess fluids and reduce the effects, it's already in your blood stream rendering you beyone drunk, beyond loaded, beyond schnockerd and into the realm of BUSTACATED.
I killed that fifth over a two hour period, i can't throw up, im so bustacated!
by JIZZO February 24, 2005

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