Stare and look around in a horrible and nasty way
The boy scowled at the girl

The Man scowled at the lady
by djcbsg April 2, 2016
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Bad-tempered face expression.
>The mother scowls after seeing her child's grades.
by Andresmelek February 15, 2016
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1. To look at someone with a wierdly angry face.

2. To punish someone.
"I wonder why that hot chick's alway scowling in a corner".

"Dad scowled me last night for just a little pity sex".
by Seemen February 3, 2008
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The face 99.5 % of Armenian females make when posing for a picture. Instead of smiling, it is to look at the camera like they are the cast of GOODFELLAS
1.You should of seen the Armenian Scowl I got when I defeated my bitchy Armenian GF at Durak

2. Kim Kardashian is the OG force behind the Armenian Scowl .

3. Why does my Armenian GF and her friends never smile. They are gorgeous, and have nice teeth and smiles, but for some reason prefer to just ice the camera with Armenian Scolws 100% of the time?
by GIRTHQUAKE72 November 10, 2019
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The NorCal scowl is an angry, bad tempered expression worn on the faces of many people who reside in Northern California. Many Northern Californians are known to wear a scowl as their primary expression which is why this particular scowl gets it own name complete with a geographic reference. The reason why Northern Californians wear the scowl is debatable. Some believe it is due to arrogance while others describe it as a defense mechanism or perhaps as an expression of anger over the high cost of living and bad traffic conditions that are especially prevalent in the Bay Area.
"I went out sailing on the Bay this weekend but when I waved to passing boaters all they gave me was the NorCal scowl."

"I was going to ask her to dance but she gave me the NorCal scowl so I went right back and sat down."

"My band played the Hemlock last night but I couldn't tell if the audience liked us or not because they all had the NorCal scowl."
by Saleemus March 25, 2013
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The look on your face when you're trying to pinch out a rock hard log.
That kid in the stroller had a serious bowel scowl on his face; must've been dropping a week-old deuce.
by gaverino October 17, 2009
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after one spends some time drinking in superior wisconsin. the speechless puzzled look one gives to a bartender when told a drink comes to $6.50.
I gave him the superior scowl when he told me that pbr came to $5.00.
by pesse jeterson December 15, 2009
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