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Another way of saying 'With'
Peek this Streetness, never had a weekness weeth this
by Jimma March 18, 2004
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A slang term for Pseudoephedrine.
When are the girls getting to town? I have a thing for Suzie.
by Jimma October 25, 2005
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HSBC was formally known as The 'Midland' bank in the UK but was bought out.
by Jimma February 27, 2004
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Biscus, adj. form of biscuit. Biscuit like or of high biscussity. Often used as an insult.
This cake is biscus.
Your new haircut is biscus.
by Jimma July 28, 2004
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Quatillion is the largest number ever, and it is so large it is infinitely larger than infinity, and almost a quatillion times larger (but not quite, cos that'd be impossibly huge.) The sum to find one Quatillion is as follows:

1 Googol X 1 Quatillion

To put the imenseness of quatillion into perspective, if you had one quatillion grains of sand, you would not be able to fit even one jillionth of them into the universe. Nobody has ever done anything that warranted the use of a number so high as "Quatillion" as it is really big. In your life time, you wont do anything a Quatillion times.
No example warrants the use of "Quatillion" as it is just too big.
by Jimma May 26, 2004
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A slab is a carton of beer, this is regional dialect. Australians haven't the time to say carton when there's beer to be drank, so we say slab. 24 cans, stubbies, etc.
1:Hey mate you comin round for a piss-up Satdy night?
2:Fuck yeah
1:Well make sure you bring a slab!
by Jimma June 1, 2004
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Australian for Saturday. You're not a real Aussie if you say the whole word.
1:What's doin Satdy night mate?
2:Gaarn git fucked!
by Jimma June 1, 2004
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