A large multi-national company that is the worlds second biggents bank. It pays totally SHIT wages to its employees and gives even worse working hours/conditions and offers NO job security. Meanwhile Michael Ghegon and the stock holders get rich...
Person 1: should I invest with HSBC?
Person 2: Only if you want crap service!
Employee 1: Man, its a shame our jobs are gone
Employee 2: The bastards just want more profit for themselves
Chief Executive: We've made $8 billion in the first half of the year, now I can pay my self 1.1 million more in salary
Board of Directors: Great we'll take 20% of that, and for shits and giggles lets decrease wages and not provide pay increases for staff, so we can pay ourselves more
by HSBC SUCKS! August 25, 2005
Incorporated as Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation; also referred to as Holy Shit Buffalo's Cold, Holy Shit the Bank's Collapsing, Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese, and Home of the Sabres and Bills Clubs. Known for treating their employees like dirt; using kindergarten-inspired construction paper games to push employees to sell unnecessary products to people who call for an account balance; and use of pushy, threatening language to attempt to maintain a monthly goal of selling aforementioned unnecessary products.

Also known for publicly promoting themselves for diversity but only if it looks good on camera.
The promotional flyer featured HSBC employees of mixed ethnicities and physical challenges, but asked a worker to resign after said worker was diagnosed with learning disability and given a medical order to be moved to a different area of the local operations.
by BfloPolska June 27, 2007
The status of being unattached, and content - Happily Single By Choice
I thought you were in a relationship with whatshername? - No, I've been HSBC for a while now.
by Vlad the Inhaler August 28, 2014
HSBC was formally known as The 'Midland' bank in the UK but was bought out.
by Jimma February 27, 2004