What you risk it for...
Risk it for a biscuit
by SuperCam December 16, 2014
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A person who displays a tough exterior but is a big soft teddy bear on the inside. He is a hunter but deep down a lover. He always puts others first unless he needs something.
On my first hunting experience, Biscuit shot his first doe he jumped for joy in front of all of us but when he got home he cried himself to sleep.
by desperate housewife February 11, 2012
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Bruh.. on my life she go mess my homeboy and he gotta girl she a biscuit ..

So you got biscuits?
by Kay Laflare November 24, 2014
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Attractive person of the other sex that you often intend on fornicating with either in the future or imagination.
by Formerly the infamoussmokey February 17, 2016
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