409 definition by Jeff

(1)adj. When you are circumsized
(2)v. The act of circumsision
(1) His has a cut dick.
(2) He was cut at birth
by Jeff March 05, 2005

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A guy who is a vagina, or pussy if you will.
Yo, Murph is such a pusswad.
by Jeff May 15, 2004

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An actual medical prescription written by doctors for psychosomatic symptoms. The pill is merely a sugar or salt tablet and is intended to spark a placebo-effect. In fact, the word is "placebo" spelled backwards.
Since medical tests found nothing wrong with the patient, the doctor resorted to prescribing a high dosage of obecalp and hoped that a placebo effect would relieve the pain.
by Jeff September 02, 2006

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The Spongmonkeys are a specie of animal, possibly alien, that have the ability to levitate, there are only two that we know of that are unnamed. This is their story:

Once a band of kittens were very popular and would perform songs of many types, the people loved them.
The Spongmonkeys became jealous of their talent and quickly threw together an act of their own about the moon, every warped person out there loved it and this little act even landed them a endorsement with Quiznos subs, needless to say, the Spongmonkeys hit the big time and became more popular then the kittens with little effort. What luck!
The Spongmonkeys should be greatful of their incredable luck and timing.
by Jeff September 23, 2004

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blowing a small pile of sugar into a persons ass. Then licking out all of the sugar with your tongue.
he gave her a sweet ass blow.
by jeff June 18, 2004

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'igga' is addressed to the indians(who were inslaved by the white, british rule in india); originated from the word 'nigga'.
Was up igga, brother from india.
by jeff March 09, 2005

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He's a fat grey guy with elephant feet and white round face. He's always sad.
StrongSad,"Each day we die a little more..." He stuff like that and he has a sad high pitched voice.
by Jeff November 04, 2003

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