Sexiest Variety of Female Humans.
I mean 19 Inch waist and f cup Skinny and less than 110 pounds
Random dude 1: Omg Look at Violet!
Random dude 2: Wait who is she?
Random dude 1: That Hot, Skinny Girl Over th-
Violet: Whatcha looking at?
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1. A thin woman who has a thick body shape that is hidden underneath clothing. 2. A woman where it is impossible to see how curvy she is without seeing her in a bikini or panties.
I thought she was just some skinny chick, but she ended up having The Skinny-Girl Look. Her ass was too mega thick!
by the2ndflood November 2, 2007
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A blonde girl, who's skinny. Also the subject of a song by strong bad, AKA God.
She's spinning me around in circles again
Oh, that skinny blonde girl
Something about the ages
I failed college algebra again
That skinny blonde girl
And the circles and the ages and the ages
by Afakaz October 22, 2003
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a girl who USED to be fat, but with the help of gastric bypass surgery, (stomach stapling) is now skinny, almost to the point of anerexia. she now has folds of extra skin that hang from her body in fleshy waves. usually will also be manic-depressive with multiple other various mental illnesses ranging from the mild to severe.
"Meet my crazy cousin Jenny, the skinny-fat girl!"
by julsinthebox May 8, 2005
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someone who loses a ton a weight and looks like michael jackson when he turned white
Me: Hey did you see how much weight mike lost over winter?
You : Yeah he looks like he is white girl skinny
by hagatha of the goats February 18, 2016
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